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  • 04
    Aug 2013
    Teaching Kids How to Pray (Author’s Testimonial)

    Click on audio image to hear Dr. Sunflower’s Testimony. Her field of expertise is helping children express their thoughts and feelings.  She has authored four popular resource books that help children capture their thoughts.  Over 300,000 copies of these valuable resources have been printed and used in 63 countries. Dr. Sunflower’s training and experience in language arts, especially [...]

  • 06
    Aug 2013
    Counting My Blessings

    Counting one’s blessings іѕ a daily prayer tһаt brings comfort tο whoever іѕ praying.  Tһе Bible ѕауѕ, “A faithful person wіƖƖ abound wіtһ blessings…” Proverbs 28:20.  Iח mу family wе never ѕtοрреԁ tο count ουr blessings.  Tһіѕ wουƖԁ һаνе bееח аח ехсеƖƖеחt prayer during ουr һарру times аחԁ wһеח times wеrе rough.Hοw ԁο wе teach [...]

  • 05
    Aug 2013
    How to Teach Children How to Pray

    Teach Children How to Pray Do you know that 80% of the youth (raised in the church) leave the church permanently sometime during their middle or high school years? This is not a new trend, but one that has been occurring for decades. While youth know about God and Jesus, our children do not have [...]



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 Prayers for Children
Prayers from the Heart

Prayers from the Heart is A Fresh Approach for Teaching Your Child to…

Talk with God

Does having your child/youth read or memorize a prayer, then repeat that same prayer over and over really bring out what is in your child’s mind and heart? Many parents and teachers are currently using four methods to teach children to pray these are;

1. Modeling by parents. This is the best method, but it is no longer working because 98% of parents today report that they feel uncomfortable praying aloud or don’t know how to pray themselves. Only two percent of today’s parents report praying with their children when a situation occurs.

2. Listening to a prayer or a “say after me” prayer created by an adult who doesn’t even know the child. Memorization methods have been replaced by thinking methods in secular world, but NOT in Christian Education.

3. Repeating a memorized prayer over and over again for years. This was never effective because these ideas were not the children’s thoughts and feelings.

4. Or just skip prayer altogether and focus on studying the Bible. This is the most frequently used method today.

While our youth know about God and Jesus, they do not have an ongoing, meaningful relationship with God. This needs to be changed. Prayers from the Heart will teach you how to change one child at a time.

This new brainstorming method (Prayers from the Heart) helps guides you to opening the heart and mind of your child before praying. These Biblically-based prayer-times equip your child for any situation. Many parents are excited because they learn to pray too.